Welcome to Thunder Road

Stuff You Need to Know…


Contact us by email, phone or text. (see footer) Emails FROM Thunder Road come from Learn@thunderroadrocks.com through our Mail-Chimp or Outlook account. Please be sure to “white list” our emails so they will not go to your junk folder.


Monthly lesson payments are charged on the 1st of each month.


If your student can not attend a lesson please notify us 24-hours in advance and we will schedule a make-up that same week or the following week based on teacher’s availability. (We like to schedule the make up as soon as possible.) We understand “life happens” and can accommodate rare last-minute cancellations but thank you for being considerate to instructors who may arrive or stay 30 – 60 minutes before or after your scheduled time so we appreciate advance notice.


Follow us on Facebook @thunderroadmusic. Unfortunately “FB Buiness” accounts don’t always show up in your feed without us “boosting” or paying extra, so check in to see photos of Jams, Camps and Student Concerts.


Click here to view our calendar. Here you can see what 4 weeks are in each billing month, when the studio is closed, Sunday Jams, Camps and Student Concerts.


Sunday Jams are held once a month typically the 3rd Sunday from 2:00 to 3:00, 3:00 to 4:00, & 4:00 to 5:00 (your instructor will let you know which time) These sessions give students an opportunity to put into practice what they are learning in a “band” setting. Look for the Sunday Jam reminder posters and an email reminder sent out the week before. Jam’s leading up to the student concert are required rehearsals to participate. (There are NO Jams in June & July.)


We do not require a long-term contract but as a courtesy we do ask for a 30-day notice to suspend lessons. Call or email us to request our Suspend Lesson’s form.


Have a seat in or outside. Enjoy a walk to the Town Square Gazebo or the Park just one block down from Thunder Road on Sloan St. Also, around the corner are several walking trails down at The Mill in addition to close by shops on Canton Street.