Piano & Keyboard Lessons


Piano-Lessons_Thunder_Road-IconAKeyboard & Piano Program

The Piano & Keyboard Program at Thunder Road offers a positive, inspirational, professional and comprehensive music education for students of all ages and all skill levels. Our piano program helps students develop the fundamental skills necessary to play piano in all genres: classical, pop, rock, jazz, blues, gospel, progressive and electronic.

Any Playing Style
The piano is an extremely flexible and expressive instrument and can be effective in any musical style. At Thunder Road, you will not be limited to one direction. We encourage you to experiment with other styles that interest you, so that you can challenge yourself, improve your skills, develop your craft, and create a strong musical identity.

Traditional & Modern Teaching Methods
We respect and implement the classical traditions of piano and keyboard instruction, but also include modern teaching methods and playing techniques.

Workshops & Summer Camps
In addition to Thunder Road’s full-time program, we also offer special piano workshops, seminars and weeklong band camps.

Piano & Keyboard Faculty
One-on-one faculty/student interaction is crucial to your Thunder Road experience. Thunder Road’s piano and keyboard teachers are innovative educators as well as experienced musicians. You may work with any number of teachers during your time at Thunder Road.

Beginning Students – Piano & Keyboard 101

Thunder Road’s Piano & Keyboard 101 Program is a comprehensive (and very fun) approach to teaching beginning students how to play piano. Our Fast Start approach helps students master the major elements of playing the piano. Emphasis is placed on achieving a solid foundation in the standard technical challenges of piano, which include chords, scales, reading music, rhythm, and basic song structure. Once students have a solid foundation in place, we have several electives and customizable programs to help you take your playing to the next level.

Intermediate & Advanced Piano Students

  • Intermediate Classical Piano 201
  • Advanced Classical Piano 301
  • Rock & Blues Piano 201
  • Jazz Piano 201
  • Electronica & Synthesizer 201
  • Advanced Music Reading Skills 201
  • Gospel Piano & Keyboard Technique 201
  • Keyboard Solos & Improvisation 301
  • Ear Training for Piano & Keyboard Students 301
  • Music Theory for Piano & Keyboard Students 301